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Application of nano silicon in cathode materials of lithium battery


The product has high purity, small particle size, uniformdistribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low bulkdensity, and the product has the characteristics of no toxicity, no smell, goodactivity, and high surface activity.

Nano silicon powder is anew generation of optoelectronic semiconductor materials, with a wide gapenergy semiconductor, is also a high power source material.

Main application:

1.Can react with organic matter, as the raw material oforganic silicon polymer material

2. The metal silicon isprepared by the purification of polycrystalline silicon.

3. Metal surface treatment.

4. Instead of nano carbonor graphite as cathode material for lithium battery, greatly improve thelithium battery capacity.

5. Semiconductor microelectronic packaging materials.

Application in lithiumbattery:

Due to the high absorptionrate of nano silicon to the lithium battery, the capacity of the lithium ionbattery can be greatly improved by using the nanometer silicon into the lithiumbattery (Theoretical capacity can reach 4000mA/h).

At the same time, the use of advanced technology, Nanosilicon powder surface coated graphite, Si-C composite materials, caneffectively reduce the swelling due to silicon absorption of lithium ion at atthe same time, and can increase the electrolyte affinity, easy dispersion,improve cycling performance.