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JAYU & Realforce lit Africa

JAYU & Realforce new energy strategy to support the "African family bright" project.

Chinese solar products manufacturers are targeting the lucrative African solar market, especially rural areas, where families rely on kerosene lamps that provide dim light but are expensive, unsafe and unhealthy.

In many African countries, less than 20 percent of the population has access to electricity, with the situation much worse in rural areas, where less than 5 percent are connected to the grid.

This is despite Africa having an average of 325 days of sunlight each year, making solar power, though potentially abundant, one of the continent's most scarcely used resources. It is this very opportunity that Chinese solar products manufacturers are eyeing.

Shandong JAYU & Realforce Enterprises Co., Ltd. cooperates with China Africa Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Association, China-Africa Friendship Foundation, China Africa Financial Services Co., Ltd., China Africa Fund Management Co., Ltd., Beijing JAYU Group, jointly promote the " Afraican family bright", For the project to provide comprehensive technical support.

"African family bright project" is a benefit of millions of families in Africa project, Shandong JAYU & Realforce Enterprises Co., Ltd. combined with the African region in the industry, the first to put forward the "home environmental protection integration solutions", integration of "photovoltaic" , "Lithium", "energy storage" and other cutting-edge technology, after years of research, demonstration, research and development, development of family bright series of products, the perfect solution to the African region power supply instability or even no power supply, power quality imbalance problems, Storage, discharge trinity to meet the needs of household electricity.